We know everything about underground Infrastructure and Industrial rubber hoses.
We are the partner who relieves you to realize technical solutions and challenges.
We are the full-service provider that has everything in-house in the field of
infrastructure tools and industrial hoses and accessories, one-stop-shop.

Welcome to the world of technology
and service of IVG Libilé BV!

We think along with you in solutions!

You can recognize us by our innovative character, the flexible deployment of the team and our knowledge of developments, standards and legislation in the market. We are happy to think along with you so that you can fully focus on your core activities. Where possible, we also provide solutions to enable you to perform your work better, safer and more efficiently.

Why IVG Libilé?

Specialist and supplier of a complete infrastructure packaget

We only supply A brands

We are available 24/7

Keep your tool stock up to standard

We work in the markets of:

Alles in eigen hand,
garantie voor kwaliteit.

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